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Gold Tech Restoration of Long Island, NY has been restoring residential and commercial property for the last 16 years. With our 24/7 emergency services you will get a trained technician anytime of day or night.


Storm & Major Events


Water Damage Restoration


Fire Damage Restoration


Mold Remediation

Infrared Technology

Our infrared device is a cutting-edge tool that allows homeowners to quickly and efficiently detect mold and water damage in their homes. By scanning the home with infrared technology, the device can identify areas of moisture and temperature variations that may indicate the presence of mold or water damage.

The device also highlights areas that are most vulnerable to future damage, providing homeowners with valuable information on how to protect their homes and prevent further damage. This information can also serve as documentation for insurance claims, making it easier for homeowners to receive the funds they need to repair any damage that has occurred.

It makes it easier for adjusters to do his or her job by seeing an A-Z layout of the loss. Call gold tech restoration for a free estimate.

Most Common Calls

Storm damage

Flooding basement

Water intrusion

Roof leaks

Window leakage

Other Common Calls

  • Sewage clean up

  • Toilet bowl back up

  • Sink overflow

  • Washer malfunction

  • Pressured water line break

  • Sub pump malfunction

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